Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's Not Nice to Rhyme With Ice

Have all the poppies perished? 

Are the columbines soon to croak?

Winter became reality,
the icy forecast was no joke!

March 2nd ice accumulation at my entryway

Have the roses come to ruin?
Oh, the salvias look so bad!

Will they live to bloom another day,
when now they look so sad?

The catmint looks all crinkled

The spiraea lost its buds.

Will they have a second flush of growth,
or are they merely duds?

Triumphator Lily June 2013

Will the Triumphator lily rise again
to toot its lovely horn?

Or will this winter be its end
and leave me so forlorn

The day the icy precip fell
and temps began to drop ...

 The daffodils once stood tall and bright...

Ice Follies the day before the ice

...then froze and took a flop

The pansies and the kale in pots
I fear are finally toast.

No containers full of color this year
about which I can boast.

Colorful containers February 2013

 About right now the warmth of spring
would really hit the spot. 

I'm so ready for winter to cash it in;
I just hope my plants have not!

A few buds remain to comfort me
Maybe spring's about to start.

A little sign to bring some hope
for my winter-weary heart.

I wrote this poem to lift my spirits
after a winter filled with ice.
And even though the words may rhyme,
this winter's been all but nice! 

Take care...and stay warm!
Toni :-)


  1. Of course it's not certain, but since we grow most of those plants here in the north my guess is that all but the Kale will come back. You might have to trim some of the brown foliage back, but I would think many of those plants will "survive" after going a little dormant. I hope so! You have so many wonderful plants! Spring is coming--even here in the north. Yay!

  2. Hi Toni, oh, you had an ice storm March 2??.......not nice. I HATE it when my daffodils get flattened by snow and ice and with you living in Texas, hey, that just shouldn't happen.

    I don't know what we'll find when the 4' of snow finally melts...but I can tell I messed up by not covering most of the evergreens, we have winter dessication burn something terrible. I have to admit I'm too lazy to wrap all the shrubs and trees with burlap like I'm supposed to, but this is one year they would have benefited from a Good Gardener. I'll just have to work rusty orange into the color scheme somehow...

    Love the poem and I'm glad you have some remaining daffodil blooms to come.

  3. Nice poetry. I'm sorry about the daffodils. Those silly things usually know better. The poppies will survive....might get hit like that several times each spring.

  4. Everything with good roots will survive despite a backset. I hate when plants don't get a warning.

  5. Great poem about a terrible subject! I look out at my garden and just sigh. I'm hoping everything will be able to survive. I'm ready for spring, too!

  6. This has definitely been a rough winter but everything will put out new growth and be ok in the end. We'll be 68 on Tuesday and back to 32 on Wed. Sigh.... I'm so done with winter!

  7. Sigh, I hate ice. Spring will indeed be sweet once it finally comes. ~~Dee

  8. Ouch... I would have a bit of concern about the LO's... we keep saying this will be a year of learning and I will be interested in how Triumphator turns out... I have had them bloom after a certain level of frost damage... sorry to say the damage was never quite that severe though... good luck with all the things that were touched... most may well be fine I would guess... Larry

  9. I can't wait to see some April posts!

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  14. Everything with good roots will survive despite a backset. I hate when plants don't get a warning.

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